The 6 reasons why someone makes a decision in Boutique Fitness Sales


Sales in Boutique Fitness is all about creating the environment where people are comfortable making positive purchase decisions. Due to the nature of credits based packages or even rolling Memberships, you not only need your customers to make the initial positive purchase decision, but also to continue to back it up on a regular basis too!

So, what are the things you can do to help to ensure you create the context that leads to people making decisions with you? If you hear “I want to think about it” any time you ask someone to join up with you, these 6 simple things can help you to convert more casual visitors into customers!

  1. Rapport
    Yes it is Sales 101, but don’t overlook the importance of building rapport with your casual visitors ahead of even dreaming of asking them to buy from you. The key here is that Rapport is different from social liking - how often have your friends given you advice and you have humoured them but not taken it? Rapport means you have a back-and-forth relationship and someone is more likely to take your advice on something.

  2. Reciprocity
    The human drive to pay back a favour. If you treat your casual visitor with exceptional service and communicate the great value they are currently enjoying, they are more likely to want to do something for you further down the line - namely taking your advice for what to do once their trial is over.

  3. Authority
    People are more likely to listen to the direction of someone who’s expertise they respect. If you can use the expertise that is in your business to make a recommendation to your trial visitor, they are far more likely to take action on it. This can come from your Class Instructor, Trainer or Therapist

  4. Consistency
    People want their statements and their actions to match. If they say they are going to do something, they are more likely to do it. The way to make use of this in Boutique Fitness is to ask for micro commitments along the way of a trial visit - did you feel at home in the class today? did you enjoy the class? do you feel that you made some real progress today? is this the time you will normally be training at here?

  5. Consensus
    Deep down, people want to do what is popular. That is why restaurants that are in high demand continue to get reservations, why night clubs have a queue outside even when it’s empty inside. People need to see something is popular to make it easier for them to act on it too. After all, “what people normally do now is…”

  6. Scarcity
    Finally, when all else fails, have a reason to act now. A little extra added value so that your visitor can have a little external validation to make that decision there and then. The only time that action is easier than inaction is when if not acting means missing out on something - miss it, miss out!